QoMEX 2013

Fifth International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience

Workshop Program

Overview – Workshop Program

Wednesday, July 3rd

08:45     Opening ceremony

09:00     Keynote #1 (Session Chair: Patrick Le Callet)

Simon Schütte on Kansei Engineering: How to design emotional experiences into products and services

10:00     Coffee Break

10:30     Oral Session #1

12:30     Lunch

13:30     Poster madness session #1

14:00     Poster Session #1

15:30     Coffee Break

16:00     Special Session #1 “QoE for Web and Cloud Applications”

18:00     Closing Day #1

19:00     Welcome Reception @ Seepark Hotel

Thursday, July 4th

09:00     Special Session #2 “Experiencing Immersive Audio”

11:00     Coffee Break

11:30     Keynote #2 (Session Chair: Touradj Ebrahimi)

Aljoša Smolic on 3D Video Processing, Perception, and Quality – A Content Creator’s Perspective

12:30     Lunch

13:30     Oral Session #2

15:30     Coffee Break

16:00     QUALINET Industry Forum and Expo

17:30     Closing Day #2

18:15     Boarding for boat trip towards Pörtschach for the social event

18:30     Departure of boat towards Pörtschach for the social event

19:10     Conference Dinner @ Werzer’s Hotel Resort Pörtschach

Friday, July 5th

09:30     Dataset session

11:00     Coffee Break

11:30     Poster madness session #2

12:00     Lunch

13:00     Poster session #2 featuring Special Session #3 “Affect and Physiology in QoE Research”

14:30     Keynote #3 (Session Chair: Stefan Winkler)

Peter Purgathofer on The many perspectives of Quality of Experience

15:30     Coffee Break

16:00     Oral Session #3

18:00     Workshop Close

Oral Session #1

Session Chair: Alexander Raake

  • M. Bernardo, A. Pinheiro, M. Pereira, P. Fiadeiro: Specific Chromatic Errors: A Quality Assessment
  • T. Mäki, D. Kukolj, D. Ðordević, M. Varela: A Reduced-Reference Parametric Model for Audiovisual Quality of IPTV Services
  • H. Yu, S. Winkler: Image Complexity and Spatial Information
  • A. Hines, P. Počta, H. Melvin: Detailed Comparative Analysis of PESQ and ViSQOL Behaviour in the Context of Playout Delay Adjustments Introduced by VoIP Jitter Buffer Algorithms

Poster Session #1

Session Chair: Andrew Perkis

  • B. Rainer, M. Waltl, C. Timmerer: A Web Based Subjective Evaluation Platform
  • K. Bombeke, J. Van Looy: The Development of a Free Stereopsis Test for Active Shutter Displays
  • E. Masala, A. Servetti: Performance vs Quality of Experience in a Remote Control Application based on Real-Time 3D Video Feedback
  • M. Pinson, C. Schmidmer, L. Janowski, R. Pépion, Q. Huynh-Thu, P. Corriveau, A. Younkin, P. Le Callet, M. Barkowsky, W. Ingram: Subjective and Objective Evaluation of an Audiovisual Subjective Dataset for Research and Development
  • A. Floris, L. Atzori, G. Ginesu, D. Giusto: Reduced-Reference Quality Estimation for Rate Control in 3D Video Multicasting
  • K. Vandenbroucke, K. De Moor, L. De Marez: Use- and QoE-related Aspects of Personal Cloud Applications: An Exploratory Survey
  • D. Strohmeier, M. Mikkola, A. Raake: The Importance of Task Completion Times for Modeling Web-QoE of Consecutive Web Page Requests
  • A. Sackl, P. Zwickl, P. Reichl: QoE Alchemy 2.0: An Improved Test Setup for the Pecuniary Bias of QoE
  • T. Lukeš, K. Fliegel, M. Klíma: Performance Evaluation of Image Quality Metrics with Respect to their Use for Super-Resolution Enhancement
  • B. Rainer, C. Timmerer: Adaptive Media Playout for Inter-Destination Media Synchronization
  • J. Li, O. Kaller, F. De Simone, J. Hakala, D. Juszka, P. Le Callet: Cross-Lab Study on Preference of Experience in 3DTV: Influence from Display Technology and Test Environment
  • C. Mantel, N. Burini, J. Korhonen, E. Nadernejad, S. Forchhammer: Quality Assessment of Images Displayed on LCD Screen with Local Backlight Dimming
  • C. Mantel, S. Forchhammer, J. Korhonen: Reducing the Duration of Paired-Comparison Experiments for Visual Quality Assessment

Special Session #1 “QoE for Web and Cloud Applications”

Session Chair: Tobias Hoßfeld

  • M. Seufert, M. Slanina, S. Egger, M. Kottkamp: “To Pool or not to Pool”: A Comparison of Temporal Pooling Methods for HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming
  • C. Alberti, D. Renzi, C. Timmerer, C. Mueller, S. Lederer, S. Battista, M. Mattavelli: Automated QoE Evaluation of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP
  • A. Sackl, S. Egger, R. Schatz: Where’s the Music? Comparing the QoE Impact of Temporal Impairments between Music and Video Streaming
  • M. Varela, T. Mäki, L. Skorin-Kapov, T. Hoßfeld: Towards an Understanding of Visual Appeal in Website Design

Special Session #2 “Experiencing Immersive Audio”

Session Chair: Karlheinz Brandenburg

  • A. Raake, J. Blauert: Comprehensive Modeling of the Formation Process of Sound-Quality
  • J. Nowak, J. Liebetrau, T. Sporer: On the Perception of Apparent Source Width and Listener Envelopment in Wave Field Synthesis
  • S. Werner, J. Liebetrau: Effects of Shaping of Binaural Room Impulse Responses on Localization
  • O. Rummukainen, J. Bolaños, V. Pulkki: Horizontal Localization of Auditory and Visual Events with Directional Audio Coding and 2D Video

Oral Session #2

Session Chair: Raimund Schatz

  • E. Bosc, P. Hanhart, P. Le Callet, T. Ebrahimi: A Quality Assessment Protocol for Free-Viewpoint Video Sequences Synthesized from Decompressed Depth Data
  • V. Kulyk, S. Tavakoli, M. Folkesson, K. Brunnström, K. Wang, N. Garcia: 3D Video Quality Assessment with Multi-Scale Subjective Method
  • Y. Cao, C. Ritz, R. Raad: How much longer to go? The Influence of Waiting Time and Progress Indicators on Quality of Experience for Mobile Visual Search applied to Print Media
  • J. Korhonen, C. Mantel, N. Burini, S. Forchhammer: Searching for the Preferred Backlight Intensity in Liquid Crystal Displays with Local Backlight Dimming

QUALINET Industry Forum and Expo

Session Chair: Judith Redi & Peter Schelkens

Invited talk:

Demo papers:

  • S. Kepplinger, F. Hofmeyer, M. Gründl: Development of a Binocular Eye Tracking System for Quality Assessment of S3D Representations
  • M. Waltl, B. Rainer, S. Lederer, C. Timmerer, K. Gassner, R. Terlutter: A 4D Multimedia Player Enabling Sensory Experience
  • A. Jain, C. Bal, T. Nguyen, TALLY: A Web-Based Subjective Testing Tool

Industry demo:

  • J. Holub: MESAQIN.com s.r.o. (Ltd.), the laboratory for Measurement of Speech, Audio and Video Transmission Quality in Telecommunication Networks

Dataset session

Session Chair: Karel Fliegel

  • N. Staelens, G. Van Wallendael, R. Van de Walle, F. De Turck, P. Demeester: High Definition H.264/AVC Subjective Video Database for Evaluating the Influence of Slice Losses on Quality Perception
  • L. Xing, J. You, T. Ebrahimi, A. Perkis: Stereoscopic Quality Datasets under Various Test Conditions
  • A. Jinda-Apiraksa, V. Vonikakis, S. Winkler: California-ND: An Annotated Dataset for Near-Duplicate Detection in Personal Photo Collections

Poster session #2 featuring Special Session #3 “Affect and Physiology in QoE Research”

Session Chair: Martin Varela

Special Session: Affect and Physiology in QoE Research

  • J. Antons, F. Köster, S. Arndt, S. Möller, R. Schleicher: Changes of Vigilance Caused by Varying Bit Rate Conditions
  • S. Arndt, J. Antons, R. Gupta, K. Laghari, R. Schleicher, S. Möller, T. Falk: Subjective Quality Ratings and Physiological Correlates of Synthesized Speech
  • A. Weddle, H. Yu: How does Audio-Haptic Enhancement Influence Emotional Response to Mobile Media?
  • L. Choi, L. Cormack, A. Bovik: On the Visibility of Flicker Distortions in Naturalistic Videos

Regular posters

  • S. Wan, B. Chang, F. Yang: Viewing Experience of 3D Movie with Subtitles – Where to put Subtitles in a 3D Movie?
  • M. Shahid, A. Rossholm, B. Lövström: A No-Reference Machine Learning Based Video Quality Predictor
  • Y. Yuhong, Y. Hongjiang, H. Ruimin, W. Song, X. Songbo: A new Mobile Audio Quality Assessment using Jitter Distortion Measure Approach
  • A. Redl, C. Keimel, K. Diepold: Saliency Based Video Quality Prediction Using Multi-Way Data Analysis
  • M. Garcia, A. Raake, B. Feiten: Parametric Audio Quality Model for IPTV Services – ITU-T P.1201.2 Audio
  • A. Borowiak, U. Reiter: Long Duration Audiovisual Content: Impact of Content Type and Impairment Appearance on User Quality Expectations over Time
  • A. Winterlich, V. Zlokolica, P. Denny, L. Kilmartin, M. Glavin, E. Jones: A Saliency Weighted No-Reference Perceptual Blur Metric for the Automotive Environment
  • S. Winkler, R. Subramanian: Overview of Eye Tracking Datasets
  • L. Song, X. Tang, W. Zhang, X. Yang, P. Xia: The SJTU 4K Video Sequence Dataset

Oral Session #3

Session Chair: Ian Burnett

  • A. Rehman, Z. Wang: Perceptual Experience of Time-varying Video Quality
  • C. Timmerer, B. Rainer, M. Waltl: A Utility Model for Sensory Experience
  • A. Verdolini, S. Petrangeli: A Smartphone Agent for QoE Evaluation and User Classification over Mobile Networks
  • S. Möller, S. Schmidt, J. Beyer: Gaming Taxonomy: An Overview of Concepts and Evaluation Methods for Computer Gaming QoE